12 in Navan, Co. Meath
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Coaching Leagues Fixtures Week 12

Here are this weeks Coaching Leagues Fixtures

Please note the following changes:

Skryne Tara u8 girls unavailable this weekend.
U10 Girls – Skryne Tara Girls have joined. 4 teams play at 9.00 and remaining 4 at 10.00.
Under 9 Boys at 13.00 – Robinstown Cubs have joined.
Under 10 Boys Saturday – Navan Cosmos Cubs have joined.
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WEEK 12 – Friday 24th & Saturday 25th January 2014
U7 1 Trim Celtic Tigers v Navan Cosmos     9.00
U7 2 Navan Town v Enfield Celtic     9.00
U7 3 Torro v Dunshaughlin     9.00
U7 4 Trim Celtic Lions v Delvin Celtic     9.00
U7 1 Dunshaughlin v Trim Celtic Lions     9.30
U7 2 Enfield Celtic v Torro     9.30
U7 3 Navan Cosmos v Delvin Celtic     9.30
U7 4 Navan Town v Trim Celtic Tigers     9.30
u10 girls 5 Skryne/Tara Belles v Skryne Tara Girls     9.00
u10 girls 6 Trim Celtic v Parkvilla     9.00
u10 girls 5 Skryne Tara Girls v Parkvilla     9.30
u10 girls 6 Trim Celtic v Skryne Tara Belles     9.30
u10 girls 1 Johnstown v Park Celtic Summerhill   10.00
u10 girls 2 Albion Rovers v Dunboyne   10.00
u10 girls 1 Johnstown v Albion Rovers   10.30
u10 girls 2 Dunboyne v Park Celtic Summerhill   10.30
U8 Boys 3 Torro v Robinstown   10.00
U8 Boys 4 Trim Celtic Knights v Parkvilla Hawks   10.00
U8 Boys 5 Dunshaughlin v Navan Cosmos   10.00
U8 Boys 3 Robinstown v Navan Cosmos   10.30
U8 Boys 4 Parkvilla Hawks v Dunshaughlin   10.30
U8 Boys 5 Torro v Trim Celtic Knights   10.30
U8 Boys 1 Park Celtic Summerhill Lions v Park Celtic Summerhill Tigers   11.00
U8 Boys 2 Johnstown Tigers v Skryne/Tara   11.00
U8 Boys 3 Kells/Blackwater v Slane   11.00
U8 Boys 4 Parkvilla Eagles v Trim Celtic Bears   11.00
U8 Boys 1 Trim Celtic Bears v Park Celtic Summerhill Lions   11.30
U8 Boys 2 Slane v Parkvilla Eagles   11.30
U8 Boys 3 Skryne/Tara v Kells/Blackwater   11.30
U8 Boys 4 Park Celtic Summerhill Tigers v Johnstown Tigers   11.30
U9 Boys 5 Delvin Celtic v Trim Celtic Panthers   11.00
U9 Boys 6 Navan Cosmos v Athboy Celtic Tigers   11.00
U9 Boys 5 Trim Celtic Panthers v Athboy Celtic Tigers   11.30
U9 Boys 6 Delvin Celtic v Navan Cosmos   11.30
U9 Boys 1 Parkvilla Knights v Navan Town Tigers   12.00
U9 Boys 2 Skryne/Tara Tigers v Parkvilla Dragons   12.00
U9 Boys 3 Slane v Park Celtic Summerhill Tigers   12.00
U9 Boys 4 Torro v Park Celtic Summerhill Lions   12.00
U9 Boys 5 Trim Celtic Cubs v Kells/Blackwater Tigers   12.00
U9 Boys 6 Athboy Celtic Lions v Johnstown Tigers   12.00
U9 Boys 1 Johnstown Tigers v Navan Town Tigers   12.30
U9 Boys 2 Kells/Blackwater Tigers v Athboy Celtic Lions   12.30
U9 Boys 3 Park Celtic Summerhill Lions v Trim Celtic Cubs   12.30
U9 Boys 4 Park Celtic Summerhill Tigers v Torro   12.30
U9 Boys 5 Parkvilla Dragons v Slane   12.30
U9 Boys 6 Parkvilla Knights v Skryne/Tara Tigers   12.30
U9 Boys 1 Longwood Lions v Robinstown   13.00
U9 Boys 2 Trim Celtic Lions v Parkvilla Knights   13.00
U9 Boys 3 Raistin v Longwood Tigers   13.00
U9 Boys 4 Skryne/Tara Lions v Navan Town Lions   13.00
U9 Boys 5 Robinstown Cubs v Kells/Blackwater Lions   13.00
U9 Boys 6 Bohermeen Lions v Johnstown Panthers   13.00
U9 Boys 1 Johnstown Panthers v Longwood Lions   13.30
U9 Boys 2 Kells/Blackwater Lions v Bohermeen Lions   13.30
U9 Boys 3 Navan Town Lions v Robinstown Cubs   13.30
U9 Boys 4 Longwood Tigers v Skryne/Tara Lions   13.30
U9 Boys 5 Parkvilla Knights v Raistin   13.30
U9 Boys 6 Robinstown v Trim Celtic Lions   13.00
U10 Boys Fri Johnstown Eagles v Trim Celtic Lions   18.00
U10 Boys Fri Bridge Park v Enfield Celtic   18.45
U10 Boys Fri Kells/Blackwater Lions v Torro   19.30
U10 Boys Fri Kells/Blackwater Tigers v OMP Lions   20.15
U10 Boys Sat Delvin Celtic v Athboy Celtic Lions     9.00
U10 Boys Sat Athboy Celtic Tigers v Navan Cosmos Cubs     9.45
U10 Boys Sat Navan Cosmos v Parkvilla Knights   10.30
U10 Boys Sat Park Celtic Summerhill v Parkvilla Dragons   11.15
U10 Boys Sat Johnstown Hawks v Trim Celtic Panthers   12.00
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