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NECSL Contacts


NECSL Contact Name Contact Link
Chairman/Fixtures/Referees Peter Glynn Contact Peter
Secretary Eddie Higgins Contact Eddie
Results/Fixtures Secretary David Murphy Contact David
Treasurer TBC Contact Treasurer
Registrar Gerry Browne Contact #gerry
Emerging Talent Co-Ordinator TBC Contact ETP


The NECSL Executive will use both e-mail and post, when appropriate, to notify clubs of decisions, developments etc.

The NECSL Executive will not deal with correspondence from managers. All issues to be addressed by the NECSL Executive must come through club secretaries to the League Secretary.

Use the NECSL Contact List for Club Secretaries and Managers for reference purposes.

Notify NECSL if there are any changes to personnel on the contact list.

Consult the NECSL Constitution & Rule Book.

Clubs will also require the S.F.A.I. Constitution & Rule Book. Club secretaries should have the booklet at their disposal.

Results must be phoned or text in to 0864016048 on the day of the game before 6.00 p.m. Results can also be emailed to Fixtures Secretary.

It is essential that within clubs there are good communication links between secretaries and managers.


Ensure all players are registered, insured and paid up members.

If pitch is deemed unplayable by home club both NECSL (087 7979354) and opposition must be informed immediately.

Before travelling, always contact opposition to confirm game is on.

Ensure that there will be no colour clash between the teams.

Arrive on time.

Both teams should each have at least two match balls and a first aid kit available on match day.

Be aware of possible fixture clashes with school trips, communion & confirmation ceremonies.

In the interest of fair play clubs should ensure they fulfill all fixtures.

Girls can participate in boys’ leagues up to and including Under 14.

The age eligibility rules applicable to boys also apply to girls. Girls must play within their own age group.

F.A.I. Contacts

Schoolboys Football – F.A.I. Regional Development Officer:

Tom Mohan 087 4108079 – coaching courses, kick start programs and Regional Emerging Talent Programs.

Barry Ferguson 087 764 0463 – County Meath FAI Development Officer – coaching courses, kick start programs

Automatic Suspensions

Automatic one match ban applies to next NECSL fixture at age group in which sending off/cautions took place

A sending off offence (Red card/Two yellow cards)

Accumulation of 4 yellow cards

Further 4 yellow cards

Two-match ban applies at 12th yellow card

A player dismissed in S.F.A.I. cup game misses next S.F.A.I. cup match if team qualifies to next round. If not then the one match ban applies to next NECSL game.

Duration of Games

Age Group

Length of Game


12 minutes each half


25 minutes each half

11, 12 & 13

30 minutes each half


35 minutes each half

15 & 16

40 minutes each half

17 up

45 minutes each half

Ball Regulation

Age Group Size Weight
7,8 5 290 gms
9, 10, 11 5 320 gms
12, 13, 14 5 370 gms
15s UP 5 450 gms


All NECSL games under 12-18Substitutions

Roll on roll off substitutions, with 5 players allowed from 7 substitutes on the bench.

All SFAI Cup games from 11 to 16  

5 players allowed from 7 substitutes on the bench but no rolling substitutions to apply. 

All National Cup and Inter League games for 17 and 18

Shall be the same as senior grades – 3 players allowed from 5 substitutes on the bench.

Referee branches are aware of the substitution process.

However in the event of a ‘dispute’ with a referee over rolling substitutions the teams must abide by the referee’s decision.

Referees Fees & Expenses

The referees fees and expenses schedule have already been submitted to clubs.   All fees can be found on the PDF below

FAI Referees Fees & Expenses Agreement 2015-18