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Fixtures April 24, 2022 01

Credit Union Plus Coaching League Fixtures Week 5 – 6-7th May 2022

I am attaching coaching league fixtures for week 5

Please can we ensure visitors park considerately and not block and endanger others. This week due to one visitor’s bad parking, two people were nearly hit by a driver trying to avoid a badly parked car. This could have been avoided if people had stuck to designate parking spots. This includes using the carparks around the back.


  • Only Moulded blades, Moulded studs or Astro Boots to be worn (NO STEEL STUDS)
  • Shin Guards must be worn
  • No Glasses, only Sports goggles to be worn by players
  • A maximum of three subs in the cages.
  • All kit bags and equipment to be left outside the cages
  • Ensure gates are closed during matches
  • No Photography or Videoing of the games is allowed
  • NO Smoking in or around the games.
  • No Vaping or E-Cigarettes
  • Failure to field will result in fines
  • Late cancellations will also result in fines
  • Only Garda Vetted Coaches allowed in the cages
  • No Spectators are allowed on Fifa One Astro. They must stay on the Concrete surrounds
  • Also, please ask everyone to reverse park on the grounds
  • The score of Games are not recorded and must not be displayed on the web in any way
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I'm the Leagues PRO. You will often meet me Pitchside with my camera getting photos for our site and social networks.

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