16 in Navan, Co. Meath
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Fixtures 11th January 2014

Updated fixture listing for tomorrow.  Please note the cancelled games


Necsl Fixtures Saturday 11th January
HSE NECSL 15 Premier Athboy v Oldcastle A 11.00 A Byrne; Off
HSE NECSL 15 Premier Bailieboro v Johnstown 10.00 CMB;
HSE NECSL 13 D1 Bailieboro v Oldcastle 11.30 CMB;
HSE NECSL 17 Premier Bohermeen Celtic v Virginia FC 12.30 C Perry;
HSE NECSL 13 D1 Borora v Johnstown 10.00 CMB;
HSE NECSL 12 D1 Bridge PK/Electro V Kentstown 10.00 CMB;
HSE NECSL 14 Premier Girls Dundalk v Dunshaughlin 10.45 P Burns Jnr; Off
HSE NECSL 15 Premier Enfield v Newtown 1.00 Pat Henry
HSE NECSL 14 Premier Enfield v Kentstown 11.30 M Bryan;
HSE NECSL 13 D1 Enfield v Park Celtic Summerhill 10.00 M Bryan;
HSE NECSL 17 Premier Johnstown v Carrick 10.00 P Henry;
14 HSE Necsl Cup R1 Kells Blackwater v Skryne Tara 10.00 R McFadden;
HSE NECSL 12 Premier Kells Blackwater v Kingscourt 11.30 L Byrne;
HSE NECSL 17 Premier Kentstown v Athboy 11.30 LB;
HSE NECSL 13 Premier Kentstown v Kells Blackwater 10.00 LB;
HSE NECSL 17 Premier Kingscourt v Borora 1.00 CMB;
HSE NECSL 14 D1 Kingscourt v Athboy 11.30 CMB;
HSE NECSL 12 D1 Kingscourt v Kells Blackwater 10.00 CMB;
HSE NECSL 14 Premier Navan Town v Bailieboro 12.30 M Conway;
HSE NECSL 13 D2 Navan Town v Kingscourt 11.00 M Conway;
HSE NECSL 17 Premier Oldcastle v Trim Celtic 11.00 P Burns Snr; Off
HSE NECSL 15 Premier OMP v Kingscourt 11.30 John Gorman
HSE NECSL 12 D1 OMP v Parkilla B 10.00 John Gorman
HSE NECSL 12 Premier Park Celtic Summerill v Skryne Tara 11.00 J Wawrzacz;
HSE NECSL 13 Premier Parkvilla v Athboy 11.30 P Lynch
HSE NECSL 12 Premier Parkvilla v Trim Celtic A 10.00 P Lynch
HSE NECSL 15 Premier Parkvilla A v Parkvilla B 1.00 S McMahon;
HSE NECSL 12 D1 Parkvilla A v Athboy 11.30 P Smailowski;
HSE NECSL 14 Premier Girls Parkvilla Belles Skryne Tara 10.00 P Smailowski;
HSE NECSL 12 D1 Robinstown v Delvin 11.00 J Ward;
HSE NECSL 16 Premier Skryne Tara v Carrick 11.30 M Dowdall;
HSE NECSL 14 D1 Skryne Tara v Navan Comos 10.00 M Dowdall; Off
HSE NECSL 14 Premier Girls St Ultans v Trim Celtic 10.00 S Kidd;
13 Gerry Browne Cup Rd 2 Newtown v NewtownTorro 10.30 P Geraherty;
HSE NECSL 12 Premier Torro v Enfield 12.30 P Geraherty;
HSE NECSL 14 Premier Trim Celtic v Parkvilla 11.30 N Byrne; Off
HSE NECSL 13 Premier Trim Celtic v OMP 10.00 N Byrne; Off
HSE NECSL 12 Premier Trim Celtic B v Johnstown 1.00 J Wawrzacz; Off
HSE NECSL 13 Premier Trim Town v Delvin 11.00 Barney O Rourke
HSE NECSL 15 Premier Virginia FC v Kells Blackwater 1pm Declan Donnelly
HSE NECSL 14 Premier Girls Walshestown v Park Celtic Summerhill 1.00 LB; Off
HSE NECSL 12 Girls Balrath v Cloghertown 10.00
HSE NECSL 12 Girls Trim Celtic v Park Celic Summerhill 11.00
HSE NECSL 12 Girls Dundalk v Parkvilla Belles 12.00 Oriel Pk. Off
HSE Necsl 11 Red OMP v Park Celtic Summerhill 9.00
HSE Necsl 11 Red Kells Blackwater v Athboy 10.00
HSE Necsl 11 Red Ratoath Harpa A v Trim Celtic Gunners 11.00
HSE Necsl 11 Red Enfield Celtic v Johnstown Jets 12.00
HSE Necsl 11 Green Navan Town v Skryne Tara 9.00
HSE Necsl 11 Green Ratoath Harps B v Longwood A 10.00
HSE Necsl 11 Green Longwood B v Bohermeen Bears 11.00
HSE Necsl 11 Green Borora v Trim Celtic Warriors 12.00
HSE Necsl 11 Green Johnstown Sharks v Parkvilla Tigers 1.00
HSE Necsl 11 Green Virginia v Beech Park 1.00
Necsl Fixtures Sunday 12th January
FAI U17 Umbro Cup Lusk Utd v Parkvilla A
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