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The League shall be known as the North Eastern Counties Schoolboy/Girl League and where appropriate referred to in this document as the NECSL or the Committee.




  • The objective of the League shall be to promote the game of Association Football (soccer) through the setting up and playing of fixtures and competitions for teams up to sixteen years of age for boys and girls. Girls may play on boy’s teams in accordance with the current rules of the SFAI and FAI Player Development Plan. Where deemed suitable by the Committee, divisions consisting of only girls’ teams may also be set up.
  • Non- competitive Coaching Leagues may also be set up for age groups below commencement of competitive football.
  • Formulate legislation for the operation of the league and review annually.
  • Affiliate to FAI, SFAI and LFA in accordance with guidelines.




  • The League and its competitions shall be run by the NECSL Executive Committee (known throughout these rules as the Committee) to include an officer board consisting of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer and Registrar each of whom shall be elected by the member clubs on an annual basis at the League AGM and Committee members, all of whom shall be elected by the member clubs on an annual basis at the League AGM.
  • Eligibility for an Officer position requires a Committee member to have served at least one full continuous season on the Committee.
  • The Committee at its first meeting of each season shall define and allocate the roles of Fixture Secretary, Child Officer, SFAI delegates, and any other roles or duties, deemed suitable, from amongst those Committee members contained in (a) above.
  • No more than two (2) members of any one member club can serve at the same time on the Committee in any capacity, in order to remain a member of the Committee all such club representatives must be a current member of their respective club.
  • Membership of a current club shall not disbar any individual from serving on the Committee in any capacity but any Committee member or officer must absent him/herself from, and not partake in, any discussion, debate or decision making on any matter coming before the Committee (or its sub-committees) in relation to his/her own club.
  • The Committee shall have the sole right to utilise the League’s assets on behalf of the League.
  • The Committee shall have power to deal as it sees fit with any matter concerning the League, its member clubs and its competitions, not otherwise mentioned within these rules.
  • The Committee shall meet at least every two weeks during the season and at such other times as required, the Committee shall have the full authority to act outside of regular meetings on any matter required including the organisation and running of the League’s various competitions.
  • The Committee (or its sub-committee/s) may investigate any cases of rough play or misconduct and deal with referees reports, club complaints and protests.
  • The Committee shall comply with all current FAI/SFAI rules relating to the forwarding of copies of requested information and records of the League to the FAI/SFAI.
  • The Committee may set up and administer a web site dealing with the operations of the NECSL and it shall have sole discretion over the content published on any such web site.
  • Amendments and changes to any rules may be submitted for the A.G.M.





Shall chair all AGM, EGM, Committee, club delegate, and sub-committee (of which he/she is a member) meetings, he/she shall be entitled to be an ex officio member of all League sub-committees and have a vote on any matter requiring such at Committee (or sub-committee) meetings. In the event of a tied vote he/she will also have the casting vote if he/she chooses to exercise that right.



Shall assist the Chairman, as required, in the carrying out of his/her duties and shall chair all meetings of the Committee in the absence of the Chairman. In the event of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman being absent from any such meeting, the Committee shall appoint a person from those present to act as Chairman for the duration of that meeting only.


Hon. Secretary:

Shall keep accurate minutes of all Committee, club delegate, AGM, EGM and any other relevant meetings where he/she is in attendance, he/she shall be entitled to be an ex officio member of all League sub-committees and issue to all clubs the minutes of delegate meetings within ten (10) days of their completion.

All correspondence to the League from member clubs must issue through the relevant club Hon. Secretary, correspondence from other sources may not be dealt with at the Committee’s discretion, all outgoing correspondence from the Committee must be issued through the League Hon. Secretary, where he/she is absent or unavailable the Committee shall appoint a substitute for such duration as it sees fit, the Committee shall have discretion over the method of correspondence to be used including the use of e-mails.


Hon. Treasurer:               

Responsible for all financial matters concerning the League, he/she shall sign all payment cheques which must also be signed by one other co-signatory, those co-signatories shall be the current Chairman and/or Hon. Secretary.

Present a financial report to all Committee and club delegate meetings when required and be responsible for the timely lodgement of all incoming funds with the League’s designated bankers.

Shall present a yearly financial report to the member clubs at the AGM, all such reports shall be formally adopted by the member clubs at the relevant AGM

Recommend to the Committee the appropriate registration fees applicable for the coming season.

Recommend a suitably qualified person/company to act as the League auditor. This appointment shall be approved for the following season by the member clubs at the relevant AGM.



Store an accurate record of all teams and players registrations, make such records available to any current member club for inspection as per the rules governing any such request.

Responsible for the return of all registration form counterfoils and relevant documents to the member clubs. He/she will not be accountable for the accuracy or veracity of any details entered by member clubs on any player/team registration form/s received and accepted.


Fixtures Secretary:

Shall be responsible for the setting of all fixtures, the keeping of accurate League tables in his/her relative age group/s and have the final decision in all matters relating to his/her relevant fixtures including requests for postponements but with the exception of awarding walkovers which decisions shall be the preserve of the Committee.


ETP Co-Ordinator:

Administer Emerging Talent Programs and store accurate records of all squads and liaise with both Committee and FAI.

Present annual report of activity to member clubs at AGM.



Shall work under the sole direction of and be responsible to the Committee for the promotion of all League activities within the policies and guidelines laid down by the Committee.


SFAI Delegates:

Shall represent the League and liaise with the SFAI on all relevant matters and shall report as required to the Committee.


Child Officer:

Responsible for and carry out the current regulations and policies as laid down by the FAI and any other relevant bodies and advise Committee accordingly.


Committee Members:    

Carry out the duties and responsibilities assigned to them by the Committee.

No NECSL Committee member or office holder may represent, take part in, debate, or in any way influence any League discussion or decision/s affecting his/her club.




The Committee shall appoint elected personnel to the following roles and bodies and all such personnel must be current members of the Committee:


Fixtures Secretary

SFAI delegates

Public Relations Officer

ETP Co-Ordinator

North East Womens Regional Committee representative

Disciplinary Committee which shall comprise of three (3) members minimum

Any other sub-committee that may be deemed necessary




  • Membership of the League is open to any soccer club in the catchment area and all member clubs must satisfy the Committee regarding their playing area and changing facilities.
  • Membership for existing clubs is renewable prior to the start of each season by way of completing the official application form which must be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary of the League. Also any club in arrears will only be accepted on payment of outstanding monies.
  • It shall be a strict condition of the approval of applications for League membership that each club shall have completed the relevant application form and supplied the information required thereon. Non-receipt by the League of the completed relevant application form will be taken to mean that the club/s concerned do not seek readmission for the new season.
  • All member clubs must notify the Hon. Secretary of the League in writing immediately of any subsequent change/s to the details on its application form.
  • Clubs changing their Honorary Secretary during the season must notify the following governing bodies in writing: NECSL, FAI, SFAI, LFA, as appropriate.
  • All member clubs must have in force a current, and valid, third party liability insurance policy a copy of which must be produced if requested by the Committee.
  • The Committee shall have the power to remove any team or club from membership of the League for misconduct.
  • The Committee shall have sole control over the right of entry into the League and shall have the power to refuse the entry of any team or club into the League for the following season/s if in the opinion of the Committee such a team or club’s previous misconduct warrants such a refusal.
  • The payment by clubs of League affiliation fees applicable each season are as follows 50% due 31st March and 50% due 31st Failure to comply will result in walkovers being awarded to opposition.
  • Every club in membership of the league shall be responsible to the Committee for the action of their players, officials and supporters. The club must take all necessary precautions to see that the club’s affairs are conducted in a proper manner.
  • Clubs must provide referees for instruction at recognized courses.




  • The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held on a date set by the Committee to be held before 30th June and at least twenty eight (28) days notification shall be issued to all current member clubs of the date of the relevant AGM, the agenda for which shall consist of:


Minutes of the previous AGM

Matters arising from same

Chairman’s address

Hon. Secretary’s report and its adoption

Hon. Treasurer’s report and its adoption

Registrar’s report and adoption

ETP Report

Amendments/additions/deletions to these rules

Election of League Committee

Appointment of League auditor

Any other business


  • Each club in current membership of, and financial good standing with, the League shall be entitled to send one delegate per registered club to represent it and vote at the AGM.
  • These rules may only be changed at the AGM or a valid EGM and all proposed amendments/additions/deletions to these rules must be submitted in writing, to the Hon. Secretary of the League no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the relevant AGM.
  • All proposed amendments/additions/deletions to these rules for consideration at an AGM can only be submitted by the current Hon. Secretary of a current member club and must also be signed by the current Hon. Secretary of one other current member club, both of which clubs must be in financial good standing with the League.
  • A two thirds majority of those present and voting shall suffice to carry or defeat any proposed amendments/additions/deletions to these rules, provided such amendments/additions/deletions have been forwarded and received in the prescribed manner.
  • Each club represented shall be allocated 1 vote.
  • All nominations for election to the Committee must be posted or emailed to the Hon. Secretary of the League no later than a date specified by the Committee prior to the relevant AGM.
  • Numbering/lettering of these rules shall be amended as result of any changes made at an AGM or EGM.
  • Member clubs not in good financial standing with the League may be refused admission to, and/or representation and/or voting rights at, any AGM, Club Delegate Meeting or EGM.
  • Any matter not specifically covered or catered for within these rules shall be decided on by the Committee and all such decisions shall be final and binding subject to onward appeal.
  • Each NECSL Executive Committee member is entitled to 1 vote.




  • An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the League may be called at any time by the Committee.
  • A request for an EGM can be submitted by the member clubs and any such request must be made in writing to the League Hon. Secretary, giving at least thirty (30) days notification of such a request and be signed by the Hon. Secretaries of at least six (6) current member clubs of the League all of which clubs must be in financial good standing with the League.
  • Any such request from the member clubs to stage an EGM must state the business to be discussed at that EGM and only such business can be discussed at that EGM.
  • A non-returnable fee of €100 in the form of a bank draft only must accompany any such request. Where a request from the member clubs to call an EGM has been granted by the Committee the League Hon. Secretary shall give at least 14 days notification of the date, venue and time of that EGM to the member clubs. Any proposed amendments/additions/deletions to these rules which form the basis of a request from the member clubs to call an EGM must be submitted in writing and must accompany such request as per the procedures for requesting an EGM.
  • A two thirds majority of those present and voting shall suffice to carry or defeat any proposed amendments/additions/deletions to these rules, provided such amendments/additions/deletions have been forwarded and received in the prescribed manner.
  • Each club represented shall be allocated 1 vote.
  • Each NECSL Executive Committee member is entitled to 1 vote.




  • All member clubs of the League are bound to comply with the current requirements of the FAI child welfare rules and policies which include the appointment of relevant personnel to fill the required roles as laid down in those rules and policies, the name and contact details of whom must be submitted to the League Hon. Secretary before season commences.
  • All coaches or those involved with the management of a team that are competing in any age group (inclusive of Coaching Leagues) up to and including Under 18 and/or vulnerable persons shall be Garda Vetted and must have completed the Safeguarding 1 course.
  • All clubs must notify the league, in advance of the commencement of the season, of the names and the respective compliance details of their team mentors. Any teams that fail to comply with this will not be allowed to compete.
  • It is also the clubs obligation to ensure that any individual working or volunteering with persons Under 18 and/or vulnerable persons, in any capacity within their club, are Garda Vetted.





  • Representative football in the NECSL will operate as per the NECSL Emerging Talent Program. The League Centre will follow guidelines and procedures set out by the FAI.
  • Players selected to the squads in emerging talent games shall be bound to place themselves at the disposal of the league. Any player failing to attend, without satisfactory reason, shall be deemed guilty of misconduct. The player shall be deemed suspended until the player and/or a club representative appears before the executive committee. The executive committee shall have the power to suspend the player from taking part in any competition under the jurisdiction of the league.
  • Players selected for competitive emerging talent games shall not play in any game on the day of, or two days prior to, the emerging talent game without executive committee permission. Penalty – players failing to observe the rule shall be suspended until they appear before the executive committee. Each club shall make every effort to comply with this rule.
  • Clubs having players selected to play a competitive emerging talent game may apply for postponement of a league match arranged for them on the day of the emerging talent match or two days prior to it.




  • The season shall run on specified dates from 1st March to 30th November inclusive.
  • Player registrations can take place from 1st February to 31st August inclusive.
  • Registration of players ceases 31st August and re-grading of players within club teams can take place in July.
  • An internal transfer window will apply from 1st February to 15th
  • Before taking part in any of the NECSL or SFAI competitions all players must be registered on a current official block registration form issued by the Committee.
  • It shall be the sole responsibility of each member club to ensure the on time forwarding of all player and team registration forms to the League. All block forms and any single player registration form/s attachments, will form a team and will be regarded as such for the purposes of all NECSL
  • Where any club enters more than one team in any age group such clubs must clearly enter on the registration forms the division in which each team shall be playing, uncompleted forms in this regard will not be accepted or processed for registration.
  • No player or team registration forms will be accepted or validated without the accompanying relevant registration fee/s.
  • It shall be the sole responsibility of the member clubs to ensure the accuracy of the details entered on any registration form submitted to the League for the purposes of competing in FAI, SFAI, LFA and NECSL
  • All clubs will be supplied with their registration form counterfoil/s, it shall be the responsibility of the member clubs to retain and store all registration form counterfoils which must be produced upon request from the Committee under any circumstances.
  • Player/team registration forms must be posted to the Registrar, within the prescribed time limits, to the address notified to the member clubs.
  • No player can sign for and be registered to more than one member club in any one season without being properly transferred from his/her original club on an official League transfer form. Original club shall mean the club to which the player has been first registered to for the relevant season.
  • Transfers will be in line with specified dates of governing bodies.
  • Each player transfer incurs a 10.00 euro fee.
  • No player can play for more than one team in his/her club at the same age group in any one season unless a special application is made in writing in the month of July to transfer a player from one squad to another in the same age group.
  • To be eligible to represent the League in any match, a player must be registered with a club in the League for the season commencing in the year of the tournament.
  • Team registration forms must be forwarded to the Registrar at least four (4) days prior to the start date of the relevant season, proof of postage on the relevant day shall suffice to comply with this rule.
  • Following that team registration any other player must be registered 2 days prior to playing in any NECSL fixture, proof of postage on the relevant day shall suffice to comply with this rule.
  • Both sub rules 11.16) and 11.17) also apply to Coaching Leagues where registration forms must be returned to a designated member of NECSL Executive Committee.
  • A current member club Hon. Secretary can request a search of player registrations upon payment of the fee of €10 to the League Hon. Treasurer, a maximum of three (3) players names shall only be searched on any one team, the search shall be conducted at a time and place suitable to the Registrar.
  • Any club found guilty of playing unregistered player/s shall be fined €25 for each unregistered player this fine is in addition to any other penalties imposed which may include the deduction of match points or loss of cup match.
  • Players must have been born on or after 1st January of the relevant year to be under age. Breach of this rule i.e. the playing of over age player/s, whether deliberately or not, may result in the automatic removal of the offending team from all NECSL competitions for that season, the suspension of the team manager and the forfeiture of all cup positions and League points gained for that season.
  • Where a team has been removed or withdrawn from the League the players registrations will then become the property of the League and teams from within member clubs may make application to re-register such players subject to a maximum of three (3) such players being allowed to be signed by any one team.
  • Players cannot be signed and re-registered under these circumstances after the 31st August in any season, such players will not be subject to the transfer deadline but cannot play for another team if he/she has previously played in the same knock out competition.
  • Players cannot play for more than one team in the same knock out type competition in the same season.
  • Where any player/s is the subject of a protest regarding non-registration or being over age the Committee shall have the power to require the submission of any and all documentation as it sees fit to assist in the investigation of such cases, all member clubs shall be bound to produce such documentation and deliberate failure to do so may be judged as an attempt to hinder any such investigation and considered an admission of wrong doing.
  • When a player becomes a registered player with a team in the League, it shall be an offence for any official, member of any other club or any other person to request, encourage or influence that player, or to approach his/her parents/guardian/friends to seek a transfer to another team or to participate in any training, coaching or games under the auspices of another team.
  • Such offences shall be deemed to be “poaching” and any person/club found culpable shall render himself/herself and /or his/her team liable to a fine and/or suspension and/or removal from the League.
  • No team or player will be deemed to be registered unless the relevant registration fee has been paid. No player can be registered to any team in the League who is currently registered to another League that season.
  • The Committee shall have full power to impose whatever sanction it deems appropriate on clubs which fail to meet their financial obligations to the League.
  • An eligible player is one who is properly registered and possesses a valid NECSL Player Passport.
  • All players must have ID to play football in the North Eastern Counties Schoolboy/Girl League and it will be known as the NECSL Player Passport.
  • If a player transfersfrom a team to another within the NECSL or another affiliate, the transfer will not be sanctioned unless the NECSL Player Passport is returned to the NECSL.
  • If a player transfers within the NECSL they must produce their NECSL Player Passport along with their transfer request form to the NECSL where they will be given a temporary ID until a new one is issued.
  • The NECSL Player Passports will only be accepted within the NECSL and are not valid for any other purpose other than football related.
  • The NECSL Player Passportswill be the property of the NECSL and they are valid for 2/3 seasons whereby if necessary.
  • Prior to the commencement of the game, each manager will show the ID cards to the opposing manager where all players are standing on the 18 yard box.
  • If you are unhappy with a NECSL Player Passport i.e. Name, Date of Birth or the Passport is not presented upon request you are entitled to protest against that club at any NECSL game and you must submit your protest in writing as per rules.
  • The fixtures will take place irrespective of non-compliance with Player Passports on day of game.
  • The opposition manager or any NECSL League Officer may, at half-time or full time, request to view the NECSL passport of up to 3 players should they deem necessary.
  • All registration forms should be with NECSL Registrar 4 days before commencement of season.




Each club, its officials, managers, players and members shall be bound by the decisions of the Committee, and its sub-committees, subject to any onwards appeal. Any such appeal will automatically come under the terms of the relevant governing bodies’ current rules on appeals.




These are catered for under the Competition Rules of the NECSL and shall be subject to annual review and alteration by the Committee.




These are catered for under the Competition Rules of the NECSL.




These are catered for under the Competition Rules of the NECSL.