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NECSL Coaching Leagues Age 11 Boys & Age 12 Girls

NECSL Coaching League Rules for both Age 11 Boys and Age 12 Girls non-competitive leagues in St. Patricks College Navan                                                                                                                                                                                        

 9 a side (1 goalkeeper and 8 out field players)

Roll on roll off substitutions for all of squad – no limit

7 a side goals to be used. 12 x 6 or 16 x 6 are permitted.

Please note in view of a number of accidents that have occurred it is necessary to ensure that portable goals are either pinned or weighted to prevent them toppling forward

Minimum pitch size that of 7 a side 60 x 40

Maximum pitch size that of 9 a side 80 x 50

25 minutes each way – 5 minute break

Ball Size 4

Recommended squad size 14 to 16 players

No steel studs

No steel blades

Shin guards to be worn

Limited off side rule will apply with ‘line’ marked approx 15 yards from goal across the width of the pitch. This zone will be equivalent to the 18-yard box.

Goalkeepers can handle the ball in this zone and there are no restrictions on the number of steps they may take when holding the ball.

Goal kicks must be taken from within the 6 yards goal area and must leave the penalty area before being touched.

Throw-ins should be taken in the normal way. A foul throw should be given another chance after which it shall be awarded to the opponent.

The opposition should be at least 10 yards (9m) away when a corner, free kick or goal kick is awarded.

The back pass rule does apply. In the event that the goalkeeper picks the ball up from a pass by his own teammate a direct free kick shall be taken from the edge of the zone area parallel with where the ball was picked up.

Encourage goalkeeper to throw ball out rather than kicking it long.

Only players and coaches allowed onto pitch. Supporters, parents etc. must remain outside fence.

Technical area between pitches for substitutes and coaches. No football allowed in this area.

2 pitches available red and white based on the markings.  

Common sense should prevail at all times.

 Please adhere to the above rules. 

Please note that the rules applicable to the SFAI National Cup competition at age 11 may vary to the above as some leagues operate the off side rule.






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